Alternative Investments:

There are many recommendations on different alternative assets by financial advisors due to changes in today’s financial markets, portfolio diversification benefits and unique investment strategies they required. Unlike the traditional investments which are known, regulated, and practiced by many investors, alternatives assets are innovative, less regulated and practiced more by many contemporary type investors. With the support of some of the most talented experts of these assets Garo Demana has handpicked some of these assets as an alternative investment such as arts, diamonds, Persian carpets, collectables, rare items and classic cars. 

Art Investments:

One of the hottest rising alternative investments is in the fine arts. People tend to buy arts for collecting passion, prestige, and status. Based on the interest of the investors there are varieties of options to invest. Garo Demana offers investment in modern and contemporary Iranian artist art works to individual local and international investors.  Based on private orders, our team can also arrange purchase of arts internationally from auctioneers, galleries, and private owners. 

Art Investments

Diamond Investments:

From the old times diamonds, like gold, have been people best friend, and have exchanged many hands. Diamonds are authenticated easily and are long lasting, some people calling them “Diamonds are Forever”. Diamonds average returns are only exceeded by high volatile gold. Diamonds are a very good hedge against inflation due to the low correlation with other assets and low price volatility.  The demand for larger, higher quality and fancy colored stone has increased over the last years.  Based on the global diamond Industry research and the way supply and demands interact with each other, Garo Demana provides different diamond investment opportunities. 

Diamond Investments

Persian Carpet Investments:

With the history of more than 3500 years, Persian Carpets are known as a piece of art and used for home decorations. They have lots of variety in quality, color, size, design, patterns, motifs and weave. Since Persian Carpet is handmade and produced in more than sixty regions each carpet is in some way unique.  Garo Demana offers to select the best Persian Carpets based on the investors’ likes, use and preferences for investments. 

Persian Carpet Investments

Money, Coin, Stamps and collectables Investments:

In past some people had a hobby of collecting, paper money, coins, stamps or other collectables and over time they were rewarded for their collections.  Today we can not only look at this as a hobby but also as an investment which is in gold, silver, foreign currency, and antique. Due to the joy of collecting, ease of entry level and starting the collection it might be a very exciting investment for individuals. Garo Demana offers exchange of Persian Bank Notes, Coins, stamps, and other collections to interested investors. 

Money, Coin, Stamps and collectables Investments

Fossils & Rare Items Investments:

Fossils and rare items are also very interesting as an investment for individuals, since they are rare, old, and unique. Some of these items are meteors stones, dinosaur’s fossils, shells and sea creature’s fossils, colored crystal stones and etc. From time to time these rare items, fossils, and stones can be offered by Garo Demana to interested individual investors. These items are investments which can also be used as decoration items. 

Fossils & Rare Items Investments

Classic Cars Investments:

Classic car investment is among the desirable long term investment for car enthusiast and collectors. Investors can not only enjoy the pleasure of driving a classic car over the ownership time but also they can improve and add more value to the car.  As an investment the best should be acquired in terms of condition, history, models, originality and provenance. Based on the interest of clients and availability Garo Demana offers some of the best classic cars available locally. 

Available Classic Cars

Classic Cars Investments

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