Property Investments:

Garo Demana plays an important role in promoting property investment opportunities of Iran to local and international investors. It also provides some international property opportunities to local investors. Garo Demana investment strategy is value investing in property and will focus on the following sectors. 

Buying & Selling:

As a large part of our business Garo Demana is intended to buying and selling existing properties, projects and lands as an investment. The investment strategy is investing in deteriorated prices assets and then improves to not only regain the value which should be worth but also increase the market value and then sell it.  Like Warren Buffet philosophy of Investing, Donald Trump strategy of Real Estate investing and Dr. Gary Eldred successful approach in property investing, our goal is also value investing.

Available Properties

Buying & Selling

Property Development:

Garo Demana offers financing, construction and building new properties in numerous aspects and classes of the Real Estate market and it will continue to emphasis the highest quality services, financial strengths and controls throughout its operations. Our specialized team analyses new developments from initial conception to customized completion including but not limited to: selecting of the most spectacular sites, customizing lifestyle, ensuring state of the art designs and plan, acquiring construction permits from municipality, and following up the day to day development progress till delivery of keys.

Property Development

Real Estate Finance:

Garo Demana will bring the financing facilities from wealthy investors or banks in the area under one roof and will assist the clients according to their financial position to select the best service with the best rates. This service will help the interested investors and end-user to acquire their target property faster and more conveniently. Moreover Garo Demana offers Reverse Mortgage which the Housing Assets will be liquidated, tenant will be guaranteed to remain ownership over their lifetime and receive monthly payment. 

Real Estate Finance

REIT Investments:

Garo Demana offers investment in publicly traded real estate securities which can grow, generate income from operation, and have attractive valuation. These securities are Equity REITs, Mortgage REITs, or a Hybrid REITs. Based on the requirement of our client’s needs, portfolio of securities specialized in hotels, healthcare, multifamily housing, industrial warehouses, office space and shopping malls can be structured. REITs allow individuals to invest in Real Estate at a lower entry level, select the type and the geographical location of their investment portfolio. 

REIT Investments

Real Estate Fund Investments:

For Local and international investors who are interested to invest in Iran’s property market, Garo Demana offers Real Estate Fund. Funds perusing different objectives and target properties of Iran are created, leaded, and managed by skilled team of investment analysts and managers, are offered to interested investors on a share basis. 

Real Estate Fund Investments

Island Investments:

One of the exotic and very private services that Garo Demana offers is buying and investing in a private Island. Based on the requirement of clients an island in an appropriate geographical area can be offered.  

Island Investments

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