Real Estate Services:

Growth of population and increase in demand for a proper housing has caused many properties to exchange hands between buyers and sellers, landlords and tenants in the real estate market.  Garo Demana is committed to success in the real estate market. It provides different real estate services which are private, transparent, adherent to the code of conducts, and follows the rules from Iran Real Estate Authority Agencies to clients.  

Exclusive Listing, Marketing, and Sales:

At Garo Demana principal service consists of selling residential and commercial real estate in targeted market area of Tehran. Our highly-skilled professionals will contact seller of property to acquire necessary information. After that they smoothly assist seller in all aspects of the sales process till closing. Our capability to network with other investors, brokers and developers has able us to offer our clients a strong network of buyers for a quick and easy sales closing.

Available Properties FSBO

Exclusive Listing, Marketing, and Sales

Property Brokerage:

Garo Demana has provided clients with professional Brokerage services since the beginning. These services are increasingly sought-after by buyers, and can be especially advantageous in competitive commercial and residential property markets. We have the track record, the current market knowledge, and the trained friendly staff to help you find and buy the right property, with the right terms.

Property Brokerage

Property Management:

Garo Demana adapts a multi discipline management approach monitoring the properties on a day to day basis, as well as forecasting future risks and identifying initial opportunities to enhance the investment in liaison with clients and customers. To this end, Garo Demana delivers the optimum property management services including but not limited to Operation Management, Facilities & Maintenance Management, and Tenancy & Leasing Management.

Property Management

Project Management:

Garo Demana offers project management to clients who wish to create a unique product or service that brings about beneficial change or added value within defined scope, quality, time and cost constraints.

Project Management

Property valuation Services:

Garo Demana provides the finest real estate evaluation services and programs in Tehran. Our efforts, systems, and services are designed to offer you the highest quality appraisal in the least amount of time possible. To consistently meet our goals, our staffs use the most current and reliable data sources to determine values.

Property valuation Services

Feasibility Study & Financial Analysis:

Before starting major development projects, property owners, investors, developers, and lenders require to see the viability of different options for the project. Garo Demana uses market knowledge and understanding, combined with Investment Banking Financial Modeling capabilities to assess project feasibility and to make recommendations as to how a development will stand the best chance of achieving what may be its many objectives. 

Feasibility Study & Financial Analysis

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