Traditional Investments:

Garo Demana tries to bring Wall Street to Main Street and to Households. It offers individuals and wealthy investors, world class investment services like money management, portfolio management, asset management, and wealth management through its seasoned advisors and financial analysts. For diversification purposes and meeting client’s needs, different types of products are offered.

 Fix Income Instruments:

Garo Demana uses Fixed Income Instruments for investors who want to manage their short term cash flows, for investors with short term investments horizon or investors with low risk appetite. These instruments are mainly used for income, growth, or preservation of invested principal. They have high liquidity, low risk, guaranteed returns, different credit quality, diverse maturities, and depending on the selection there are coupon payments periodically or at the end of the contract term.

Interest Rate difference Fix Income Instruments

I) Bonds:

Garo Demana provides access to purchase of variety of Bonds, locally and internationally with different risks and returns. Our extended service offers safeguarding the bonds as well as managing, collecting and transferring the coupon payments.

II) Special Investment Agreements:

Garo Demana offers special investment agreements contract which has all the benefits of a Bond contract. This contract guarantees the market long term bond returns and has an option for having higher profits returns for investors.

III) Synthetic Gold Agreements:

Based on the requirement of the investors and market conditions, Garo Demana has engineered a unique synthetic agreement, with guaranteed returns from Gold contracts. This agreement is useful for investors who want to physically hold gold and get some guaranteed returns on their gold investments.

 Equity Market:

One of the most common places for investors to invest their money is different international and local Equity Markets. Individuals can enjoy returns of capital gains or dividends from their equity investments. Garo Demana offers individuals investments in different sectors, funds, and companies based on the fundamental research, quantitative and technical analysis.

Garo Demana creates and manages diversified portfolio of Stocks and Security Market Indexes based on the clients’ interests, risks and returns expectations. Through the facilities of Garo Demana all globally traded public companies shares can be traded at the best prices and low transaction costs.

Equity Market

 I)    Middle East Market:

The market for Oman, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia has been a favorite place for many investors with high risk high expected returns preferences. The high volatility of Markets, the high influence of oil price on the economy, the high influence of the global markets fluctuations and having a peg to dollar currency has made the investment appealing for some investors. There are many small and medium size companies with solid revenue which are starving to expand and increase profit. Garo Demana offers tax free investment in shares listed on Dubai and Abu Dhabi Financial Market.

Middle East Market

Foreign Currency Exchange Market:

Investors interested investing in other countries money can use currency trading service of Garo Demana. All the tradable currencies can be traded based on the expectation of the future movements of that currency against another currency. 

Garo Demana also provides physical exchange service of variety of foreign currencies. Local investors with limited access to open market transaction may request this service.  

Foreign Currency Exchange Market

Commodity Market:

Unlike the Derivatives Market and Equity Market the commodity Market are more sensible to investors. Garo Demana provides access to trade different commodities in Future Contracts based on the interest and risk returns preferences. Among the famous Future Commodity Contracts are Energy, Metals, Agriculture, and livestock. These contracts are mainly traded on high leverage, which can be very favorable at good time and significantly costly at bad time. 

Commodity Market

Derivatives Market:

Among the different investment choices Derivatives Market are considered to be the most complicated and most growing. Garo Demana offers access to the two markets of Futures and Options on different assets, such as foreign currency, equity, and commodity. Investors willing to hedge their physical position in the market and or taking speculative positions in the market may benefit from interacting in these two markets. These contracts are traded on leverage which can be very favorable at good time and significantly costly at bad time.


Garo Demana has future contracts of foreign currency, equity, and commodity which these goods can be purchased today for a delivery in the future or be sold today for a future delivery. 

Derivatives Market Options


One of the tools used by Garo Demana, to engineer different financial products is option contracts. The put and call option can be bought or be sold on the market. Depending on the position, the loss or profit can be limited or unlimited in these contracts. 


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